3D Heart Box Tutorial

3D Heart Box

Having a kids party, wanting to give something to someone special? You can try making a 3D Heart Box yourself to give that someone a great surprise. You can try downloading our Make your own 3D Heart Box template here.



Materials Needed
Colored Paper


Step 1.

Print out the MYO Heard Box Template, or trace out an image like the one above, once you have done cut out the item following the dashed lines.

3D Heart Box-001


Step 2.

Cut out the box using a scissors carefully following the dashed lines.

3D Heart Box-0011


Step 3.

Fold alone the dotted lines to form the shape of the box.

3D Heart Box-002


Step 4.

Apply glue on the flaps at the sides and bottom of the box.

3D Heart Box-0021


Step 5.

Once your box is made, you can put in your tokens and chocolates into the box.

3D Heart Box-003


Step 6.

Interlock the heart to close up the box, and you have just made your first 3D heart shape box!

3D Heart Box-0031


You use these boxes to put in sweets and goodies and kids for all occasions. The kids will be trilled to recieve these nice little tokens.

Tip: You may want to replace plain or single colored paper with recycled old magzines covers to do your part for our environment.