M.Y.O Kusudama Tutorial


The Japanese kusudama (薬玉; lit. medicine ball) is a paper ball made out of multiple identical origami shapes glued together. They were traditionally used as a ball for incense or potpourri but now we see them more for decoration or as a gift. Today, we will be using old magazine pagesmake our own kusudama.


Old Magazines
Strong paper glue


Step 1.

Prepare 5-6 pieces of old magazine pages cut into 15 x 15 cm squares.

Old magazine paper in squares


Step 2.

Fold the square paper into a half triangle.

Half triangle


Step 3.


Fold the two creased corners down to create a smaller square.

smaller square


Step 4.

Fold the two triangular flaps in half, open these flaps up, then re-fold them flat, so that the inner crease created in the previous step falls to the outside.



Step 5.

Fold the triangular flaps in half inward.



Step 6.

The final shape of the paper after these six folds will be a square.



Step 7.

Roll the square into a cone and glue the sides. Make 5 of these.



Step 8.

Glue the 5 cone together to form a 5 petal kusudama.



Finally, our own kusudama flower.


You can place them around your home to beautify the surrounding.

Tip: You may want to drop a few drops of essential oil into the petals to fill up the home with some nice fragrance.